Raisa Andriana is an Indonesian pop singer, widely known as RAISA. Starts with singing her favorite Disney’s song when she was only 3 years old,

Raisa draws her unique voice subtly merged the color, character and unique singing technique from her favorite singer such as Brian McKnight, India Arie, Stevie Wonder, JoJo, Joss Stone, Alicia Keys and James Ingram.

Raisa has two studio album, titled “RAISA” (2011) and “Heart to Heart” (2013), and several hit single such as “Serba Salah”, “Could It Be”, “Apalah Arti Menunggu”, “Terjebak Nostalgia”, “LDR”, “Pemeran Utama”, and “Teka Teki” among all.

Her stage performance also no less mesmerizing. Raisa often appeared in international music festival and concert, such as Java Jazz Festival, David Foster’s concert, Lenka’s concert, and unexpectedly, Metallica’s concert. Her solo concert has been held several times in Singapore (2014), Jakarta (2015) and Surabaya (2015).

Preparing her third album from scratch and involves in every aspect of it, Raisa is ready to charm the music industry one more time in the year of 2016.

“I’m a singer, in love forever with it. In it for the love of music, not for the glitter and gold...